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Global scholarship in the heart of New York

Syracuse University's tradition of excellence in scholarship and its innovative spirit makes it the perfect place to begin or continue your university education. Ranked in the top 75 universities in the nation, SU offers hundreds of majors, flexible study options, and research opportunities for undergraduates and graduates, all in an ideal campus setting.

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    Undergraduate feature: Students win second place in Tibetan Innovation Challenge

    SU students won second place in the competition and received their award from the Dalai Lama in New York City. Read more.

    Graduate feature: Fulbright Summer Immersion Program

    34 Fulbright scholars from around the world have arrived for immersive four-week English language program. Read more.

    Research feature: Redefining the Spectator Experience

    Professors Frank Biocca and Joon Soo Lim have found ways in which social media impacts how we engage with sports programs on television. Read more.

    International education feature: Offerings, financial aid expanded for study abroad

    SU has added more scholarships and 'cost neutral' financial aid packages, added new courses. Read more.

    Featured video: SU welcomes new Library Dean David Seaman

    David Seaman introduced as new dean of Syracuse University Libraries from Syracuse University News on Vimeo.

    David Seaman says he's going to have to add some more orange to his wardrobe, as he talks about the honor of being named as the new dean of libraries at Syracuse University.

      Student Scholar


      After serving a total of six years in the military with two deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Jesse Campion made his way to Syracuse. He's now graduating from SU with a juris doctorate, a master's degree and a certificate of advanced study. Read more.

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