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Scholarship in Action Merit Scholarships

The Scholarship in Action Merit Scholarships are awarded to 11 upper-class students selected to receive a $6,000 scholarship. Juniors will be awarded two years, and seniors for one year. Three of the recipients will be from The College of Arts and Sciences. The remaining eight undergraduate schools and colleges will receive one scholarship each.

To be eligible, students must have:

1) Entered the University without a merit scholarship from SU

2) Completed two years of study at SU and achieved junior status during the first semester of the scholarship

3) Earned an overall grade point average of 3.0

4) Demonstrated scholarship in action in their time at SU

A rising junior who applies but does not receive a scholarship may reapply for his or her senior year. In order to maintain their scholarships, students will be required to meet the same academic standards that are required for other academic/competitive scholarships.

To apply, a student may complete the Scholarship in Action Merit Scholarship Application now available, and submit it to:

Office of Scholarship Programs
Syracuse University
202 Archbold North
Syracuse, NY 13244