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Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a part-time employment program available to undergraduate and graduate students while they are enrolled. Students can work on- or off-campus, and wages vary depending on the position.

Work-study is awarded based on eligibility determined by information provided on the FAFSA and on the availability of funding. The federal work-study award represents the amount a student may earn through a work-study job. FWS is not credited directly to the student's tuition account. Instead, the student works and receives a weekly paycheck for services rendered.

Finding a job

You do not need to have federal work-study to have a job while at SU. There are a number of non work-study positions available both on- and off-campus. For additional information on finding federal work-study and non work-study jobs, visit SU's Student Employment Services.

To be employed on campus, students must fill out an I-9 form and provide acceptable original documentation. For more information, visit the Student Employment FAQs.

Looking for Student Employment?

Looking for a job?

Search current student job openings (for both Federal Work-Study and non Work-Study positions).

Financial Aid Terminology

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