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Frequently Asked Questions

Partner with SU. You'll be in good company.

Why should a corporation give to SU?

By making gifts to SU, corporations strengthen their relationship with a leading research university, gain exposure to an important source of intellectual talent, support departments and faculty engaged in research related to their interests, honor individuals who have played key roles in their success, introduce their companies and their products to future users and consumers, and support and encourage the philanthropy of their employees. Some of the many ways companies can be involved with Syracuse University include support for:

  • Scholarships
  • Fellowships
  • Endowed Faculty Chairs
  • Infrastructure and Capital Improvements
  • Sponsored Programs and Research Support
  • In-Kind Gifts
  • Matching Gifts

How do I make a corporate gift to SU?

There are several ways to make a gift to SU. The Office of Corporate Relations is happy to serve as a liaison for you. We'll help you with research, recruitment, and involvement opportunities within a particular college or school. Contact us to arrange campus visits; set up meetings with faculty, staff, or students; or connect you with contacts for recruitment or research collaborations.

My company wants to donate products or equipment. Whom should I contact?

Contact the Corporate Relations office: Vijay Srinivas at (315) 443-0091 or or Alan Lincoln at (315) 443-3567 or

What is a Matching Gift program?

Corporations can encourage others to give by providing corporate matching funds to support employees who give. These programs are simple to initiate, but they have a lasting ability to increase the participation and philanthropic giving levels of individual donors and exhibit your dedication to the Syracuse University.

How do I take advantage of my company's Matching Gift program?

Your contribution to SU can be increased if your company has a matching gift program. By matching employee gifts, businesses ensure that their charitable resources support causes important to their employees and the community. Use the online matching gift locator or contact your human resources department to see if your company offers a matching gift program.

What are the specific funding needs for students?

Syracuse University seeks resources for student access and support, with a focus on:

  • Endowed scholarships for undergraduate and professional students
  • Endowed fellowships to attract top graduate students and postdoctoral scholars
  • Funds to increase research and global experiences
  • Funds to provide scholarships for underrepresented minorities

How do I hire a co-op or graduate student?

One of the most powerful statements that a corporation can make about its belief in SU education is to hire an alumnus. In addition, paid internship and co-op opportunities are an excellent way to help cultivate a pipeline of talent professionals to build your industry's future success. Contact us for more information

What are the specific funding needs for faculty?

Syracuse University seeks to raise resources for faculty and program support, with a particular focus on the following:

  • Endowed chairs and professorships, which help us recruit and retain world class faculty
  • Program support to advance key interdisciplinary initiatives
  • Program endowment and current-use funds to generate theme-based, cross-disciplinary interaction
  • Funding to motivate increased collaborations among faculty in the 12 Schools and Colleges

What are the specific needs for facilities?

It's essential for Syracuse University to develop a long-term strategy that enables us to build and renovate infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing academic and creative programs. We must also keep pace with the rapidly evolving, increasingly sophisticated technology and equipment our students and faculty need to stay competitive.

Do I have to find the right SU contact for my company before I can get involved with the University?

No, the office of Corporate Relations can serve as a liaison for you. Corporate Relations will connect you to school development officers and others who can help you with research, recruitment, and involvement opportunities within a particular college or school. Contact us to arrange campus visits; recruitment contacts; meetings with faculty, staff, or students; or contacts for research collaborations.

How can my company interview SU graduates?

Contact Mike Cahill, director of career services, at (315) 443-3616 or

What are the guidelines for licensing specific technology?

Licensing activities involve inventions, patents, biological materials, software, and copyrightable materials. By working closely with inventors and industry, SU seeks to maximize the value of technology for the future. Technology transfer has become a key concept in national, regional, and global economic development. For more information, contact the Office of Technology Transfer and Industrial Development at 315.443.5196.

Who is the best person to contact about research collaborations?

Industry contracts out their research efforts to SU for various projects to make best use of limited corporate resources, to take advantage of unique research facilities, and to engage faculty and students in questions which will impact the future of the world. For more information, contact Vijay Srinivas at (315) 443-0091 or, or Alan Lincoln at (315) 443-3567 or

How do we make arrangements to sponsor an event?

Corporations can also advance their reputation for excellence and innovation by sponsoring an event, lecture series, initiative, or program. Endowment funds are particularly powerful tools for showing a corporation's long-term commitment to a valued activity. Contact us for more information.

When I come to Syracuse, where is the best place to stay?

The Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center is a full-service hotel located adjacent to the campus. A number of other off-campus accommodations are available. Visit the Syracuse Convention and Visitors Bureau website for more information. 

What is the best route to the Syracuse University campus?

Visit this link for directions and on campus maps.