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Spotlight: Carnegie Legal Reporting Program

SU's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications launched the Carnegie Legal Reporting Program to help educate future reporters, producers, and public relations professionals who will seek to explain the courts, legal cases, and law to the public, and to guide pre-law students in understanding the impact of news media coverage on law and justice.

The program is supported by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York's Carnegie Journalism Initiative. The focus of the initiative is to revitalize journalism education by helping schools enrich their curriculums in ways that will both improve journalism education and spur a national conversation with other educators across the country. It seeks to stimulate a rethinking and reconceptualization of journalism education in light of changes faced by the news industry and the needs of a more complex, knowledge-based society.

Recognizing the unique strengths of the top-ranked S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications Carnegie Symposiumand SU's Institute for the Study of the Judiciary, Politics, and the Media, the Carnegie Journalism Initiative initiated the Carnegie Legal Reporting Program at Syracuse University. The program will strengthen the connection between the journalism and law programs at Syracuse University and will better prepare students for careers in legal reporting through a number of activities, including:

  • A new interdisciplinary course, Law, Politics and Media, exploring the intersection of journalism, politics, and the law. 
  • Segments within existing classes addressing legal-reporting methods and covering the law and courts.
  • Paid research assistant positions for students helping professional journalists. 
  • Public lectures bringing top legal journalists to Syracuse University.
  • Reporting and research resources, such as LawBeat, a blog on the day’s best and worst in legal journalism.
  • Academic and career advice from the program's faculty, for students interested in learning more about legal journalism.

To learn more, visit the Carnegie Legal Reporting Program web site

For the latest news on the Carnegie Legal Reporting Program, read the most recent press release

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