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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

The University's 5-year academic calendar and other calendar information, including deadlines, are available at this site. Information about final examinations and the final examination schedule can also be found here. Read the University's class scheduling policy and view the class meeting paradigm, or submit a classroom request. Faculty and staff should also be aware of students' privacy rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.


  • To assist students in completing the File for Diploma process, view this trouble-shooting guide (PDF). For an updated list of active program, plan, and term codes, go to Current Program, Plan, and Term Codes. These lists are updated weekly.

  • Student Records Report Repository Information

    The REGNEWS listserv is used by the Registrar’s Office to communicate information to staff about registrar related events, processes, dates, and more. To obtain the latest information from the Registrar’s Office, please subscribe to REGNEWS listserv by sending an email message:

    1. In the To: field, enter
    2. Leave the Subject: field blank.
    3. In the body of the message, enter SUBSCRIBE REGNEWS
    4. Send the message with no signature.

    If you wish to unsubscribe, repeat the steps above, except in the body of the message enter UNSUBSCRIBE REGNEWS.


Faculty can view their teaching schedule, class rosters, and religious observance notifications, as well as submit final grades and Mid-Semester Progress Reports through Faculty Center after logging in to MySlice. All instructors should be aware of their responsibilities regarding the privacy of student information under FERPA.

Advisors can view information regarding their advisees, including advising transcripts and mid-semester progress reports, through MySlice Advisor Services. Additional information, such as class search and helpful links specifically for advisors, are also available through MySlice.

Administrative Drop Policy
Instructors have the option to drop students who do not attend the first week of a class. If an emergency prevents a student from attending during the first week, he/she must contact the instructor before the add deadline to affirm his/her intention to continue in the course.