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Mid-Semester Progress Reports

Mid-Semester Progress Reports (MSPR)


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MSPR Overview (PDF)

MSPR Guidelines

Mid-Semester Progress Reports are completed by faculty halfway through each Spring and Fall semester.  The due date for submitting MSPR rosters is determined based on the academic drop deadline date each semester.  Students need sufficient time to review their report, meet with their academic advisor, and/or take action to drop a class if so decided before the academic drop deadline.  The MSPR due date may/may not fall exactly halfway in the semester.

Mid-Semester Progress Reports are also completed by faculty approximately halfway through each of these three summer sessions: Summer Session I, Summer Session II, and Combined Summer Session.

The reports provide students with critical feedback prior to the academic drop deadline.  Entering a grade for your student on the roster is only optional.  There are performance indicators on the roster that you can use to provide feedback to the student.  If you have no grade or do not wish to enter a grade, you should use the other performance indicators available, or enter your own comment to the student.

Students can view their grades in MySlice Student Services Section: Advising > View Mid-Sem Progress Rpt

MSPR Dates and Deadlines

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