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Keeping Strong Syracuse-Lockerbie Connection

Barrie Fergus

Fergus Barrie '15 came to Syracuse from Scotland as a Lockerbie Scholar, and will graduate as a Remembrance Scholar—26 years after the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. Read more.


From starting the nation's first degree-granting college of fine arts to throwing open its doors to veterans to blazing a trail with the first iSchool, Syracuse University has always been a proud original. Explore and discover how!

Fast Forward

Ensuring a strong, smart, and sustainable future for Syracuse University. Read more.

Committed to Inclusion and Accessibility


Syracuse University values diversity, is committed to inclusion and seeks to provide access for all people, including those with disabilities. Visit Accessible SU for the latest information on disability and accessibility at SU.


Microfossils Reveal Warm Oceans Had Less Oxygen, Syracuse Geologists Say

Findings by College of Arts and Sciences researchers are the subject of an article in the journal Paleoceanography. Read more.

Syracuse Stage Presents "The Piano Lesson"

August Wilson’s haunted and haunting Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece is on stage through Nov. 9. Read more.

Students Hope to Spark Interest in College

Syracuse University students walked Syracuse’s South Side to encourage young people to consider the possibility of higher education. Read more.

Something to Do When 'There's Nothing to Do'

Late night programs and events for Syracuse University students come together courtesy of Orange After Dark. Read more.

Campus Unites For United Way

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Jeffrey Karson's Latest Trip to Iceland Was One of Seismic Proportions

Jeffrey Karson, a Syracuse University geologist who recently traveled to Iceland to monitor the early stages of the eruption, says the lava field now covers more than 22 square miles (or 14,000 acres), nearly the size of Manhattan.  

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Chancellor Kent Syverud


Syracuse University's 12th Chancellor, Kent Syverud, shares his thoughts with the SU community in his "Bleeding Orange" blog. 

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Inauguration Day 2014

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